Chaka Johnson, a high school science teacher, started her own business called

“Faithful Hair”


faithful hair

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, I have had plenty of hairstyles, some of which I would like to forget. I have worn an Afro, had a drippy “Jerri Curl,” to going natural, then relaxed. Yeah, I even remember being burned a few times by my mom’s hot comb. Oh what fun that was!

My hair journey started back in 2008. I have been getting my hair relaxed for years. I noticed that my hair was very dry after using a very popular hair product.  Every time I would comb my hair, blobs would come out from the top of my head. It was uneven and breaking off at the ends. Even when I got out of my car, there were just strands and strands of hair on my seat. I did not know what to do! My beautician said that I have to get a major hair cut. So I did, the “big chop.” I went from being able to wear a pony-tail to having a Moe Howard we all know from “The Three Stooges.” I was not happy and I felt naked. Ladies, we know that a woman’s hair is her “crown and glory.” I was so embarrassed.
After the “big chop,” I went to my local beauty supply store to find something that would help my hair grow again. I spent almost $60.00 for pomades, shampoos and conditioners that said that would grow my hair. Unfortunately for me, those products made my hair situation worse. My hair was now dry, brittle, and still breaking off at the ends. Something had to give!

That is when I took to the internet and did my own research on oils and herbs that increased hair growth. With a lot of  trial and error, I finally came up with the right mixture that helped with the growth of  hair. I have been using it ever since. I still get my hair relaxed and because of the oil, I can stretch my relaxer. My hair is now past my shoulders and I could not be more happy. My friends keep asking me what I use. They asked me if I would make some for them. Now my friends and family are using this concentrated serum and are getting good results, you can also!

Faithful Hair can be contacted one of two ways:

By Email: All emails will answered with in 24 hours.’

By Phone: (314)-449-6904

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Thursday–5pm to 8pm

Friday-5pm to 9pm

Saturday-9am to 1pm

Closed Sunday and all major holidays; an email can be sent during these times.

If you are going to call, please leave your name, number, and a brief message and someone from my team will get back with you. All calls are returned with in 24 hours.


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