Manner’s life reflects positivity that flows through his lyrics & music through any time of oppression.
Manner teaches students in the elementary level which inspires him to write about the truth he lives in. His love for Hip-Hop & cultural values are very prevalent in his writings.

Manner is from Missouri & his family is Syrian mixed. Manner has travelled all over the lower 48 experience the great culture shock that has inspired him to shock people with his rap.

Manner moved to Alaska seven and a half years ago. He is currently a teacher at Riverbend Elementary School in Juneau.

The students he teaches are like the blood that pumps through his veins just like the boom bap style of beats he uses create the ergo rhythmic word play to his lyrics.

Manner is currently in a Hip-Hop group called “Diatribe NW” & is currently on a solo venture with creative his music that describes his life & style.
He plans on release an album toward the end of 2017 going into 2018.

**Oh, and Manner loves wearing bow ties.**

Link to Manners current single “Can’t Breathe”:

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